Colour Language and Colour Categorization Conference (CLCC)

Welcome to the Institute of the Estonian Language (Eesti Keele Instituut) Colour Language and Colour Categorization Conference in Tallinn, Estonia, 4.-7.6.2013

The Institute of the Estonian Language (Eesti Keele Instituut) is pleased to host a conference entitled “Colour Language and Colour Categorization” (CLCC) on 4-7 June, 2013 in Tallinn, Estonia. The conference aims to bring together linguists, psycholinguists, psychologists, cognitive scientists and cultural anthropologists studying colour language and colour categorization, as well as their underlying cognitive processes. The event endeavours to create a forum for scholars to explore how we talk about colours and how we often categorize them in language and the brain across diverse languages and cultures, as well as to discuss the future of colour research.

Colour plays a significant role in our everyday lives. How many times every day do we come across simple questions, such as how to describe certain colours to other language speakers? How is colour conceptualized through language? What kind of linguistic tools do languages tend to use to describe a colour? Do colour naming conventions vary across different languages and cultures? Which factors tend to bias colour language? What methodologies could be used in order to better understand human colour categorization and language? What kind of cognitive and perceptual principles are there for colour categorization? How can the non-linguistic systems, such as that of colour processing, be integrated to a comprehensive description of language and brain functioning? How important is the context impact on colour word meaning? Does context-free and context-sensitive studies of colour language differ, and if so, to what extent? These are but a few questions that will hopefully be tackled at the conference.

The conference is organized by the Colour Research Group of the Institute of the Estonian Language (Eesti Keele Instituut), Tallinn, Estonia (

General areas: Semantics, General linguistics, Anthropological linguistics, Psycholinguistics, Cognitive Science, Psychology, Neuropsychology

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